Testing and Certification under the IECEx Certified Equipment Scheme:

IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) has been operating a global certification system called "IEC System for Certification to Standards relating to Equipment for Use in Explosive Atmospheres"(hereinafter referred to as "IECEx"). (For more details see the IECEx website)

Under the framework of the IECEx, the most widely accepted is "Equipment Certification Scheme covering equipment for use in explosive atmospheres", which provides manufacturers of such Ex-equipment with "IECEx Certificates of Conformity (IECExCoCs)".

Applicable Standards:

TIIS has been accepted by the IECEx as competent to the following standards, and authorized to issue IECEx Test Reports (ExTRs), IECEx Quality Assessment Reports (QARs) and IECExCoCs.
An IECEx certificate may be issued to the current IEC Standard or one edition prior as shown below.

 IEC60079-0(Equipment - General requirements):
  5th(2007) and 6th(2011) Edition
 IEC60079-1(Equipment Protection by Flameproof Enclosures "d"):
  6th(2007) and 7th(2014) Edition
 IEC60079-2(Equipment Protection by Pressurized Enclosures "p"):
  5th(2007) and 6th(2014) Edition
 IEC60079-6(Equipment Protection by Oil Immersion "o"):
  3rd(2007) and 4th(2015) Edition
 IEC60079-7(Equipment Protection by Increased Safety "e"):
  4th(2006) and 5th(2015) Edition
 IEC60079-11(Equipment Protection by Intrinsic Safety "i"):
  5th(2006) and 6th(2011) Edition
 IEC60079-15(Equipment Protection by Type of Protection "n"):
  4th(2010) Edition
 IEC60079-18(Equipment Protection by Encapsulation "m"):
  3rd(2009) and 4th(2014) Edition
 IEC60079-25(Intrinsically Safe Systems):
  2nd(2010) Edition
 IEC60079-26(Equipment with Equipment Protecion Level(EPL) Ga):
  2nd(2006) and 3rd(2014) Edition
 IEC60079-30-1(Electrical Resistance Trace Heating - General and Testing Requiremnts):
  1st(2007) Edition
(withdrawn, replaced by IEC/IEEE 60079-30-1:2015)
 IEC60079-31(Equipment Dust Ignition Protection by Enclosure "t"):
  2nd(2013) Edition

National Differences:

To enable harmonisation on a global scale, the IEC requires the identification of national differences of standards and regulations from IEC Standards.
National Differences of Japan are shown in the following document for your reference.
  List of National Differences

Application Guide:

Application Guide for IECEx Certificate of Conformity(IECExCoC), Test Report(ExTR) and Quality Assessment Report(QAR) under the framework of Certified Equipment Scheme of the IECEx System to TIIS

Certification Cost:

Cost and time for certification are estimated based on the time required and unit value of each items such as assessment for documents, control of samples, type tests, witness testing/off-site testing (if neceesary), preparation for report, review for certification, processing of CoC and other reports, etc.

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