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The Technology Institution of Industrial Safety (TIIS) is a non-profit and self-sustaining organization founded in 1965, and is authorized as the Public Interest Incorporated Associsation by the Cabinet Office so as to contribute to the prevention of industrial accidents and losses.

In 2003, the designation system for test/certification bodies changed to the registration system by the amendment of the Safety and Health Law. Therefore, In 2004, TIIS was registered as a test/certification body for the 12 machines and equipment described in the Law with the MHLW.

Since designated by the Labour Minister in 1972, TIIS has been well known world-wide as an authority for test and certification of electrical apparatus for use in potentially explosive atmospheres of surface industries. (Brief Guide(pdf) )

In addition, TIIS on the other hand, can offer a variety of technological services in the field of industrial safety, based on its own professional knowledge and expertise and in close cooperation with academic societies and institutions, universities, industrial associations and governmental agencies.

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Brief History of TIIS

Established the Safety Museum Association in Tokyo to promote industrial safety in cooperation with the Industrial Safety Museum attached to the National Institute of Industiral Safety, Ministry of Labour.

Took over duties of the Safety Museum Association and established the Industrial Safety Research Association to expand activities of prevention of industrial accidents.

Recognized by the Minister of labour as a juridical incorporation.

Designated as the Test and Certification Body under the Rule of Certification for Explosion-protected Electrical Equipment by the Director of Labour Standards Bureau, Ministry of Labour.

Established the Kansai branch office in Osaka.

Designated as the Type Test and Certification Body under the Occupational Safety and Health Law by the Minister of Labour.

Designated as the Individual Test and Certification Body under the Occupational Safety and Health Law by the Minister of Labour.

Changed its name to the "Technology Institution of Industrial Safety ".

Opened the Asaka Safety Test Laboratory in Saitama Prefecture.

Acquired ISO 9002-1994(Quality Management System) from JQA.

Opened the Kawasaki Respirator Test Laboratory in Kanagawa Prefecture.

Registered by JICA as a consultant in the area of labour safety.

Created the General Certification Department and the Explosion Proof Test/Certification Department.

Moved the Headquarters to Sayama City in Saitama Prefecture and founded the Tokyo Branch Office.

Concluded the Agreement on Cooperation of Testing/Certification with NEPSI (China) and KOSHA (Korea).

Registered at the MHLW as a test/certification body.

Integrated the Kawasaki Respirator Test Laboratory and Kiyose Test House in Sayama.

Acquired ISO/IEC 17025-2005(General Requirement for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories) from JAB.

Closed the Tokyo and Kansai Branch Offices.

Constructed a second test laboratory in Sayama.

Authorized as the Public Interest Incorporated Association by the Cabinet Office.

Accepted as an Ex Certification Body(ExCB) and Ex Testing Laboratory(ExTL) by IECEx.

Opened the Osaka Branch Office.

The Technology Institution of Industrial Safety